Kalle Hamm

A picture of Kalle Hamm

Kalle Hamm was born in 1969 in Rauma, Finland. He graduated in Lahti Fine Art Institute 1994 and made his MA in the University of the Art and Industrial Design in Helsinki 2002. His works of art examine cultural encounters and their impacts both in historical and contemporary contexts. He has collaborated with Dzamil Kamanger since the year 1999.

CV - Kalle Hamm

Dzamil Kamanger

A picture of Dzamil Kamanger

Dzamil Kamanger was born in 1948 in Mariwan, Iran. He is an Iranian Kurd and set in Helsinki since 1994. He studied ceramic in the Kermanshah University and made his MA in 1973. He is concerning in his art his own experiences as a refugee by using traditional Iranian handicraft techniques. He has collaborated with Kalle Hamm since the year 1999.

CV - Dzamil Kamanger